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eta/DYNAFORM drastically reduces the risk and costs associated with the die design and development cycle by predicting formability problems such as splitting, wrinkles and springback before tool manufacturing takes place. Flawed or marginal die designs that would cost innumerable hours of labor, press time and material to repair and correct are evaluated on the computer at a fraction of the cost. By accurately determining splitting, wrinkling, and springback of stamping before tooling is cut, eta/DYNAFORM helps to improve tool makers' confidence and reduced lead time of tool manufacturing. eta/DYNAFORM is a proven, cost-effective way to improve and insure your bottom-line.

eta/DYNAFORM is a LS-DYNA based die system solution package that is developed to aid in die face and structure design layout while predicting the formability of sheet metal products in terms of cracking, wrinkling, skidmarks and springback. It is efficient and easy to use. Available for PC, LINUX and UNIX, eta/DYNAFORM couples affordable software with today's high-end, low-cost hardware for a complete and affordable sheet metal stamping solution.


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