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ESD PVC sheets

ESD PVC sheets are widely used in electrical and electronic manufacturing facilities. Available in 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm thickness. Width ranges from 0.9 m to 1.37 m.

Electrical resistance between 104~1010W-cm.


Conductive floor mats

Conductive floor mat provides semi-permanent static electricity protection without pollution on surface. Fields of application include hospital, manufacturing facilities of medical supplies, communication facilities, semiconductor and ID facilities. The dimension is 1.85 mm (T) x 1.8 m (W) x 20 m (L). Available in green, grey, yellow and blue.


Conductive table mats

Conductive table mat is essential products for safe workplace. It emits static electricity generated by non-conducting substance and maintain potential difference between human body and conductive mats. The dimension is 2.0 mm (T) x 1.2 m (W) x 20 m (L). Available in green, black and gray.


Conductive trays

Conductive trays are aimed for storage of electrical and electronic parts which are sensitive to static electricity.


Other clean room products

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