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Steel pipe

S-ECO pipe is a special formulated powder-coated-pipe, utilizing the powder coating technology. It is fully recyclable, light, and environmental friendly. Unlike other powder-coated-pipe, S-ECO pipe is fully hardened and it has high resistance against impact and scratches. The most innovative uneven-surface-texture is proven to increase the metal joint gripping power by 15%!! S-ECO pipe is really ECO-nomical as it is cheaper than ABS coated pipes too.

SPJS Stainless Steel (SUS) pipe is made of austenitic stainless steel, which is nonmagnetic and strong corrosion resistance. Scratches on the surface will NOT lead to corrosion of the steel underneath.



SUS Pipes

Metal Joints

Metal Joints are metal components that link the pipes together. Available in ED Black (bk), zinc coating (Zn) and nickel coating (Ni). Metal joints are locked with M6 bolt and T-nut, which could be tightened and un-tightened using a 5mm Hex Allen key. This features enable the racks to be re-used and re-configured again and again.

ES-1(2 x E-1)
ES-2(E-2 + E-3)
ES-3(E-4 + E-2 + E-2)
ES-4(2 x E-4)
ES-5(4 x E-2)
ES-6(2 x E-6)
ES-7 2x(E-7A + E-7B)
ES-8(2 x E-8)
ES-9(2 x E-9)
ES-11(2 x E-11)
ES-12(2 x E-12 + sleeve)
ES-13(2 x E-13B
ES-14(2 x E-14 +4 x E-7B)
ES-15(E-15A x E-15B
ES-16(2 x E-16)
ES-18 2x(E-18 + sleeve)
ES-20(E-1 x E-20)
ES-1B(2 x ES-1B)
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